Beer Beer Shot

Beer Beer Shot

Beer Beer Shot

Beer Beer Shot is essentially the adult and stag party version of Duck Duck Goose. The best thing about this drinking game is that it’s so simple to play. It’s also a fantastic way to enjoy a few laughs and drinks before heading out on the stag night.

The rules for this drinking are simple. Round up the entire stag party group. Place a can in each of their hands and get them to sit in a circle. The groom will obviously be the first player up. He goes around tapping people on the head telling them to sip a Beer.

Everyone tapped on the head must take a sip of their beer until the groom taps someone on the head and says Shot! That player must leap up and chase the groom around the circle of lads. Should that person catch the groom. He takes over. If however he doesn’t manage to catch the groom he must down a Shot.

A truly simple stag party drinking game that will have all the lads in the mood for a big night out. So, before you head out on the stag night relive a childhood game with Beer Beer Shot!



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