5-A-Side Soccer as a Stag Activity

5 A Side Soccer as a Stag Activity

5-A-Side Soccer as a Stag Activity

Planning a Stag Party? The activity you pick for your Stag can really set the mood for the rest of your Stag Night. So it’s good to take some time and find the best fit for you and your mates. Of course there’s the favourites that will always go down well, like Paintball and Karting. But if your group don’t know each other that well, something with a bit more interaction can work a lot better. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean all talk and no fun, a great choice to still get your adrenaline kicks from, is 5-a-side soccer as a stag activity, or football if we must.

This is great for exercise and a bit of competition to get you ready for those beers and whiskey tastings later in the Stag Party and can be a great icebreaker to keep the conversation and jovial rivalry going for the rest of the night, from bar to nightclub to hotel to the trip home.

With pitches available nationwide, especially near all the top Stag Party destinations, this activity is really accessible and you can find it included in some fantastic packages on, offering great deals on Stag Accessories and all you’ll need for a brilliant Stag Party!



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