5 Reasons to go paintballing on your stag

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5 Reasons to go paintballing on your stag

Paintballing has become one of the most popular events with stag parties as it is a great social game and we think that it would be the perfect activity to play with the lads. Who wouldn’t want a chance to batter a few paintballs off your best mates? Here’s 5 Reasons to go paintballing on your stag!


1. The Power

It gives you the opportunity to show that you are indeed the ultimate alpha male among your stag party opponents. Wearing camouflage gear, carrying a weapon and maneuvering like a ninja makes you feel like a Super Hero! – every guys dream! Move over Batman!!!

2. The Name

Each stag team member gets to choose a team name. This is half the fun! Some that we have come up with to help you out are: Balls of Duty-Paintball Warfare, Balls of Steal or Locked and Loaded!

Ready… Aim…. FIRE!

3. The Bond

Sure having the craic is what it’s all about isn’t it! It’s also nice to know that your friend has your back, whether it’s carrying the groom to a safe zone or jumping in front of your mate to protect him from a flurry of paintballs (it also shows you’re more of an alpha male than him). That’s the kind of thing lads remember. The glue that’s sticks us together. The bond!

4. The Strategy

No matter where you organise your paintball stag adventure for, we can guarantee that each paintball location has a well thought out zone that will make you feel like you are in a real life battle scenario (and not just pelting each other with colourful paint…) Devise and implement a strategy that will lead the stag team to victory!

5. The Piss Taking

So the paintball adventure has come to an end and everyone is starving. You head to the local for food and drinks and a slagging that will last a life time for the poor groom whose aim was so bad there’s now paintball marks in outer space!

Paintballing – 1  Groom – 0


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