5 Ways To Kill It At Karting

5 Ways To Kill It At Karting

5 Ways To Kill It At Karting

So lads you’ve decided on Karting as your stag party activity. The whatsapp messages and you’ve already been slating each other over your driving abilities. You’ve screaming from the rooftop that you’ll be taking the spoils when you hit the karting track.

So if your competitive side is in over drive and you want to ensure you are victorious on the stag party weekend here are 5 Ways To Kill It At Karting!


1. All About The Posture

This may bring up bad memories from your time in school but ‘Sit Up Straight’ when you get into you Kart. By having a better posture means you’ll have better turning control. Also sitting up straight with your arms slightly bent will enable you to apply pressure when turning the steering wheel. This will all help you from spinning out. This isn’t Mario kart, if you spin you will more than certainly lose.

2. Know The Course

No need to go full on cool runnings and memorising each turn in the tub but do know the course you’re about to drive. So when you get to the karting centre have a look at the track. Find the best line through each corner and turn. Also have a look at where you will need to brake or simply take your foot off the accelerator before powering on.

3. Not All About Speed

A lot of tracks will decide on winners by their fastest lap times. Depends on the size of the stag party group. So if this is the case be smart about where you position yourself. It might be the wise call to hang back and leave a bit of space between you and the driver in front. This way you’ll have more open track and no one to slow you down in corners. Or, you might decide to battle it out with another fast driver. If that’s the case slip in behind him and use the clean air. The strike when the time is right.

4. Learn How To Turn

This may sound very straight forward but knowing when to brake or to just let a bit off the accelerator will help massively in the turns. Hug the inside line. Break or ease off before the corner. Then accelerate fully as you exit. Allow the kart to drift to the outside line. This will shave seconds off your lap times and get one you step closer to a podium finish.

5. Overtake Like A Pro

If you find yourself, and you will, behind someone here’s how to pass them like a pro. You’ll need to generate more speed into the next turn than he does. Minimal braking here as possible lads, then accelerate past him at the apex. Keep the foot down as you exit the turn before cutting his line off completely. You’re in the clear on the way to victory.


So there you have it lads, 5 Ways To Kill It At Karting! The only left for you to do is ensure your winners speech is spot on. Sure the speech has to be worthy of a great stag party activity and stag party weekend.


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