5 Ways to Stay in the Paintball Game Longer

5 Ways to Stay in the Paintball Game Longer

5 Ways to Stay in the Paintball Game Longer

Paintballing is a fantastic game for a stag party activity. It’s great craic and allows for team bonding. However, you must be in it to win it! So here are a few tips that will help you to lead your team to victory and become the paintballing champions of the world!

1. Make a Plan

If you are serious about winning then a plan is a necessity. This will allow you to prepare for paintballs that are coming your way or a team member that may need your help. Having a plan in place will ensure that you know the right decision to make in a certain situation. This can be anything from different manoeuvres required to dodge a flurry of paintballs to controlling how much ammo you use so you don’t run out too quickly. There’s no point using all your paintballs on one guy as you will run out and find yourself in a sticky situation!

2. Be Aware.. Be Very Aware!

Keep a close eye on the opposition at all times! This means knowing where they are and how much ammo they have… or lack of! Suss out the weaker opponents and attack! You must be fast and think quickly at all times.

3. Support

Always look out for each other. If you see that another team member is in a spot of difficulty then come to their rescue. This is why making a plan can come in handy so that you can prepare for these types of situations which are more than likely to occur.

4. Aim

The aim of the gun is very important. There is no point firing without first making sure that you have the target on point. This way you don’t waste ammo unnecessarily. Remember: Aim before you fire!

5. Communicate

This is key. Without communication you will more than likely lose the paintball game. Making hand gestures to other team members is a great way to communicate. Especially since you will not be able to speak as this will give your location away. A hand gesture could be useful to tell a team member to come over to you or to tell them to stop or go back. You can also point in a certain direction to show your team mates the location of someone that is on the opposing team.

…also remember there’s no I in TEAM! Stick together to achieve a successful outcome. With these skills in place you will be way ahead of your opponents and be sure to win!

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