Archery and Shooting as a Stag Activity

Archery and Shooting as a Stag Activity

Archery and Shooting as a Stag Activity

Planning a Stag Party? The most popular Stag activities that always seem to top the list are Paintball and Laser games. Which are great fun but if you’re looking for something a bit more unique. Archery and Shooting as a Stag Activity can really add something different but just as fun.

Archery and Clay Pigeon shooting are definitely competitive. But much more for those who value marksmanship and the craft involved rather than the running around. Despite the perception neither are a hunting activity and is good fun for all ages. A flat disk (in clay pigeon) is fired into the air from a machine. As guests in turns try out their aim to burst the disk into fragments and bring it back down to earth again.

Though competitive, it’s a lot easier on the legs than paintball and evens the playing field for mixed aged groups. Don’t let the notion of firearms worry you, there are trained professional and experts on hand to show you how it’s done properly as well as improving your aim.

Archery is also all about precision and poise, but with stationary targets. Bows and arrows take a bit more getting used to. But once you get the knack of it you will be hooked. These activities are great as part of an outdoor adventure activity day. They’re also great as stand alone activities for an afternoon relaxing with your mates before a busy Stag Night.

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