Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer

Trying to think of the perfect stag party activity or you? Well look no further bubble soccer is the must do activity for stag parties all across the country! It involves all the group wearing bubble suits covering half their body and playing a game of soccer. Bubble Soccer is also known as bubble ball, zorb football and bubble football.

This stag party activity is as hilarious as it sounds. It is perfect for almost any stag group. Bubble soccer doesn’t require any fitness or skill level to play! This activity is ideal all year round. It can be played on any grass area, all weather pitch or an indoor sports hall.

Players try to knock opposing players down whilst attempting to play soccer in the large zorb suits.

This activity is so popular and it is available nationwide. Everyone should give it a try at least once!


So lads, why not give this fantastic activity a go?



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