Bubble Soccer as a Stag Activity

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Bubble Soccer is a very popular stag party activity! It’s a fantastic activity that leads to lots of laughs. Also known as bubble mayhem and bubble football it’s basically a game of soccer while you wear a giant bubble. The only part of your body not inside the bubble is your legs. So run around the field and kick the ball while you try to score goals for your team. But it’s not as easy as it sounds!


See, with Bubble Soccer comes a big problem…the slightest bump from another player will send you tumbling over. The first time is always tricky to get back up from. Shimmy your way around until you’re facing the ground, and lift yourself up from your knees. Then look around as everyone is laughing at the comical show you just put on…until it’s their turn to fall over. Revenge is sweet, lads!


But other than the fun you’ll have watching everyone fall over, what else makes Bubble Soccer such a great Stag party activity? Well, let’s find out!


You’ll Be Sore From Laughing at Bubble Soccer

The best thing about Bubble Soccer is that it’s a light hearted game and is great for getting the lads laughing. Everyone will have a great time as they fly into each other purely for the comedy that ensues afterwards. The underlying game of soccer might even be forgotten about at times because of everyone wanting to blow each other away with their bubbles. It’s hilarious to watch!


Suitable For All Ages

Bubble Soccer is a fantastic activity in how suitable it is for any age group. Bouncing off the floor in your bubble is absolutely painless so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting hurt. The only thing you’ll be feeling is a bit of motion sickness when you roll around on the ground after getting knocked over.


Bubble Soccer Is Easy To Find

With Bubble Soccer areas found in most counties, you won’t have to look very far for a game. All you really need is a group of lads. The company behind the Bubble Soccer will provide the giant bubbles and everything else for you. So that makes things a lot easier.


It’s Great Fun

When the initial chaos of everyone flying into each other for fun is over, the game of soccer kicks in. That’s when the competitive nature of the lads gets brought into things and it makes Bubble Soccer such a great activity. It’s soccer with a twist. There can’t be any sneaky shoulder charges like there is in normal soccer. If you do that with Bubble Soccer then you’ll both fall over. But that just adds to the fun!


Helps The Group Gel Together

If there are lads in the group that have never met before, Bubble Soccer will help them to bond pretty quickly. By the end of it, they’ll have knocked each other over a few times so they’ll be well acquainted.



So lads, that’s our guide to Bubble Soccer as a Stag Activity. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in then pop us an email now on and we can help you get it booked!




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