Cable Wakeboarding in Ballyhass Lakes

Cable Wakeboarding in Ballyhass Lakes

Cable Wakeboarding in Ballyhass Lakes…It’s Sunday morning and the sun is shining in Cork. Normally a welcomed sight but Paul from is nursing a hangover that has him contemplating what is life, if he is part vampire as the sun glares in and if it’s was that dodgy kebab last night or the scatter of pints that is the cause for his headache. He’s suffering so bad, he’s actually named his hangover.

So it’s a glorious Sunday morning. Paul and his hangover named Reginald set out on some essential stag party research. The pints from last night were all in the name of research I’m told as he made his way to Ballyhass Lakes for a bit of Cable Wakeboarding. Cable wakeboarding is fast becoming one of the top stag party activities in Ireland. So Paul had to go check out. Also, like many of us Paul was sceptical how Reginald the hangover would deal with fresh water but only time will tell.

Ballyhass Lakes is home to the largest Cable Wakeboarding centre in Ireland. If you’re wondering what cable wakeboarding is. Well it’s a adrenaline pumping watersport that see’s your feet strapped to a board while you hold onto a handle and are essentially pulled along the water via a high powered cable above the lake. It’s great craic altogether.

Getting Started!

The session itself starts with you getting kitted out in a wetsuit, booties, jacket, life-jacket and helmet to ensure you’re safe and warm on the water first at foremost. Paul and Reginald then made their way down to the lake and cable. Time for Paul to get strapped onto the board which is about 4 feet and then it’s time to hop into the water and see how Reginald reacts to being dumped into fresh water. To Paul’s delight Reginald decides he’s having none of this I’m told and Paul is set for his first cable wakeboarding lesson hangover free. Good to know if you’re planning on going cable wakeboarding after a big night out.

It’s time to Wakeboard!

Paul grabs onto the handle firmly. The “driver” on the dock operates the cable which moves you along the water. He fires it up, Paul begins to move, begins to stand up and then face plants the water! If only we could have caught it on camera. He looked like a baby giraffe trying to walk the first time as he stood up on that board. Then whack!

The instructor gave Paul a few tips and pointers and they seemed to do the trick. As in no time Paul was up and skimming along the water. Turning and cutting back in with ease as the session went on. One of the great advantages of Cable Wakeboarding is that it’s a lot easier than going behind a boat. And, the ‘driver’ can control the speed the cable moves at. So if you’re a complete novice or an expert Ballyhass Lakes will be able to cater for you. Paul didn’t quiet have the nerve of the skills to tackle the ramps but maybe next time he said.


Time to head home!

When it was time to call it a day. It was back up to the changing area and a hot drink before the spin home. The adrenaline was still pumping through Paul’s veins as began planning his next visit and next chance to improve his wakeboarding skills.

I won’t lie he hasn’t shut up about it since he’s gotten back. And he’s recommending Cable wakeboarding to everyone and said that if he was organising his stag party in the morning he would be choosing cable wakeboarding as a stag party activity.

Check out this short video of some Ireland’s up and coming cable wakeboarders in action in Ballyhass Lakes.


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