Casino night

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Casino Night


Who has the best poker face? Or who is the luckiest at roulette? What a way to finish off the Stag Party than a Casino night, spending all the grooms money saved for the big wedding day or pay for his honeymoon with the winnings!


So get ready to roll those dices and hit the blackjack table with all those savings!


Ok probably not the best idea to bring the grooms savings to the stag party but a little gambling is good fun with the lads.

Most of the casinos in Ireland won’t be a patch on those in Vegas but the great advantage of the Casino in Ireland is they are open late so you can stay until you make your millions, had your fill of drink or until they have you down to your last cent! Which ever comes first!

As always make sure to gamble responsibly. Finally for more great ideas for your Stag. Make sure to check out the rest of the Stag Ideas section.



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