Cookery Class as a Stag Activity

Cookery Class as a Stag Activity

Cookery Class as a Stag Activity

Planning a Stag Party? If you’re looking for something a bit different to the old favourites that have been done over and over again. Why not try a cookery class. This activity isn’t just for the Hen Parties and don’t let the cooking part fool you. This is great fun and you learn some very useful tips and skills sure to impress the bride to be. Or help out any of your single friends in the future. So here’s Cookery Class as a Stag Activity!

Most classes feature lessons from great chefs and teachers who can show you delicious recipes and expert tips and then try them out for yourself under their watchful eye. Which ensures the tasting session doesn’t disappoint. If being left to your own devices in a kitchen sounds like a worrying prospect. Then this could be just what you need to get that cooking confidence going. Who knows, you might end up as the next Gordon Ramsay.

If however…

If however you believe your scrambled egg on toast just simply can not be improved upon. The great range of courses and cuisines means there are loads of ways to up your game and try something new, whether its curries or cakes, there’s plenty of choices. Classes are available as a afternoon Stag Activity allowing to fill up on great food before a Stag Night on the town, and if you’re having a self-catering weekend away, you’ll be well prepared to make an amazing morning after fry up!

Visit for a great range of packages and deals with Cookery classes included, as well as information, and more to make for a Stag Party to remember!



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