The Emotions You’ll Go Through Playing Footgolf On The Stag

The Emotions Youll Go Through Playing Footgolf On The Stag

The Emotions You’ll Go Through Playing Footgolf On The Stag

We’ve all seen pro golfers capitulate on the biggest stage. Their emotions getting the better of them at key moments. I’m sure it may have even happened to you as you recreated a masters moment on some golf course in the middle of no where on a soggy Sunday morning. The glaring eyes of mates are enough to affect your emotional state and game. Now I’ll be the first to say that I’m awful at golf. But, I am well able to kick a football so I thought a round of Footgolf in the Pococke Golf Centre in Kilkenny would prepare me ahead of an upcoming Stag Party weekend. Oh, I was wrong lads…Here are The Emotions You’ll Go Through Playing Footgolf On The Stag!

So, I’ll go through the emotions you’ll experience lads from the beginning until the end.

First up…


This will hit you right about the time your sobering up from the first night on a Stag Party. You’ll be on route to the Footgolf course, which is only 5 mins from Kilkenny City, and the anxiety will slowly start to creep in. You’ll be thinking of that first kick or drive. Hoping you hit it straight. Or don’t slip, fall or even miss the ball completely.


Next, you’ll begin to panic as you’ve realised that someone has brought football boots. Should I have brought my boots? Will I have stable footing? Am I missing out on a better touch without my boots? Oh, how I wish I had a can right now.

I was happy to hear though. To make it a level playing field, the lads insist on no football boots!


Your early fears, anxiety and panic swiftly leave once you hit that first good drive. When you place the football down and lash it straight up the fairway. You begin to believe that this version of the game is the one for you. You’ll leave the tee box with a swagger of man who has so much ability that he could hit a hole in one if he really wanted to. He just enjoys a contest.



You over shoot the green and there’s a hill on the other side. Physics and gravity take over and that football starts a rolling. It’s at this time your inner Hulk looks to break out and scream bloody murder. Often you’ll even see steam coming from some guys ears.

Yips, Nerves and Jitters

Just after you’ve regained your mojo. It’s time to step up and sink a monster putt. But, the lads are watching. Eyes bearing down. Thankfully I wasn’t in Fancy Dress, (which is allowed on the course, and the lads love a few pics for their Facebook & Instagram accounts). But the mocking and slagging ensues and you begin to feel that little twitch in that trusty right leg of yours. Will you be able to hold your nerve on this stag party activity?


This can be summed up in that moment you try to sink a big putt and the ball just rounds the edge of the hole. It was in for just a brief second but is now costing you another shot. The rush as you think it’s in and the agony after you miss would lead a man to drink. Luckily if you’re on a stag, you will be hitting the pub shortly after this stag party activity!

Elation or Happiness

You’re smiling from ear to ear. You’re in with a shout of actually winning the round of Footgolf on the stag party weekend! Free pints for the winner usually delivers that focus and happiness. Let’s be honest lads, got to love a little friendly competition and if you can one up a mate. All the better. You’ll get to slag him for the evening!

Depression or Sadness

You’ve chocked and your final score looks more like you were attempting a maximum in darts than a low score in golf. You now have to watch as the winner collects the plaudits and begins unloading all the slagging he can think of. It’s about this time you understand why the Golf Course pub is located so close to the 18th! To the pub!

So, there you have it lads, The Emotions You’ll Go Through Playing Footgolf On The Stag! Regardless if you can keep your emotions in check or not you’re in for one hell of time with a trip to Pococke Golf Centre and with Footgolf as your stag party activity!


This is a sponsored blog brought to you by Pococke Golf Centre. Open all year round and only 5 minutes from Kilkenny city centre. It caters for stags and groups alike. It even has Golf available for the senior members of the stag party group. Also, don’t forget to check out the course yourself in this brilliant video lads!



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