Escape Rooms for a Stag Party

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Are you and the lads regulars at pub quizzes? Or are you the type that shouts at the TV when watching an episode of Tipping Point? If this sounds like you then stay glued to this piece because we’ve got the perfect stag party activity for you. Here is Escape Rooms for a Stag Party! 


So, “what is an Escape Room?” we hear you ask. Don’t worry, it’s not like it was in the movie. An Escape Room is a fun game where your team of 6 are locked into a room for 60 minutes and you’ve got to use your wits and brain power to complete puzzles and challenges in order to get out before the time is up. Sounds fun, right?


But let’s get into why exactly an Escape Room would be the perfect activity for your stag party. This is Escape Rooms for a Stag Party!


Time Limit = Competition

Having a time limit hanging over you will get your tensions to rise and will stress you out. If you’ve got a group that’s bigger than 6 then it’ll be split into equal teams and you’ll all be trying to get out faster than the other teams. This all adds to the fun because the more stressed you get, the more likely you are to make mistakes. The trick is to stay calm and level-headed and you’ll get out quicker.


Plenty of Fun

You’ll have plenty of laughs when trying to figure out the puzzles and you’ll have plenty of moments where the answer completely evades you leading you to have some more laughs between the group when it eventually hits you.


Get Your Thinking Hats On

Taking part in an Escape Room is probably not recommended when fighting a hangover. You’ll definitely need your brain to be at the top of its game. Be ready for cleverly worded puzzles, riddles and more because the aim of the game is to keep you locked in the room as long as possible so you’ll need to stay on your toes in order to get out.


Great For All Group Sizes

You’ll enter the room in teams of up to 6 lads. But don’t worry if your group has more than 6 guys attending. You’ll simply be split into teams. This can make the fun even better as you battle against the clock to see who can get out of their room first.


Plenty of Themes

There are so many different themes to choose from and this guarantees a new experience each time. Themes range from robbing a bank, preventing a crime to defusing a bomb and so much more!


Teamwork = Bonding

If you’ve got a few lads on the stag party that have never met before then they’ll quickly become acquainted in an Escape Room when they come together with the common goal of trying to get out. Perfect bonding session!


Escape Rooms are a great idea for a stag party activity and they’re fantastic for so many reasons! We also have Escape Rooms included in our list of activities in some of our Stag Party Packages (Killarney, Limerick, Westport, etc). So check those out if you want to get an Escape Room included in your stag party plan.



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