Fancy Dress Stag Party: Our Favourite Ideas

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Lads, have you been invited to a fancy dress Stag Party and you’re not sure what to dress up as? Well you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to help! Below are some great costume ideas that you can rock up in and they’ll bring the laughs. Let’s see what they are.



A Baywatch Cast Member

Channel your inner Hasselhoff (or maybe it’s Pam Anderson) and get ready to save some lives. Not literally, but you get the point. Prepare yourself for a lot of mouth to mouth jokes, though!


Sports Team

We all have our favourite sports team’s jersey in our wardrobe. Whether it’s rugby, football, or GAA, all you have to do is match the jersey with a training shorts, socks and your finest trainers. A really simple idea and perfect as a last minute option.


Army Man

You might think we mean dressing up in a Camo uniform like a real-life army man. But that’s not the case here. We’re talking about dressing up as one of the plastic Army Men toys we all had as kids. The outfit can be found online and it even comes with the little piece to stand on.


Superhero Costume

We’ve all wanted to be Batman or Spider-Man as kids. Well, how about doing it as an adult? Pick your favourite comic book hero and show up ready to fight crime. Or…ya know, just have a laugh with the lads.


Giant Baby Outfit

So on the Stag party you’ll more than likely be drinking from a bottle at some stage. Dressing up in a baby outfit will bring some laughs to the group and you already know there’s going to be photos taken that’ll later be captioned, “he’s starting early”. 


A Spartan Ready For Battle

Throwback to Gerard Butler and his band of 300! Outfits found online come equipped with the sword, helmet, red warrior cape, a loin guard and also arm and leg guards. Just be careful not to poke someone’s eye out!


A Goalkeeper

“Ah, he’s a keeper!” Arriving to the Stag Party kitted out as if you’re ready for the ultimate penalty shootout will definitely draw attention. The Goalkeeper Gloves will add extra grip too, so you’ll have no worries about dropping your drink.


Elvis Presley

Do you want to feel like the King of Rock and Roll? It’s easy…all you have to do is dress up in Elvis’ iconic style, slick your hair back, and do the classic stance. Add in some classy shades and pop the collar to fully complete the look.


The Morphsuit Guy

There’s always that guy that shows up in a random coloured morphsuit. Nobody knows who he is until he starts to talk. Does this sound like you?


Ali G

Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius when it comes to acting and bringing characters to life! With so many famous quotes, you can become your very own Ali G. It’ll be hilarious when you rock up and stand out as the brightest coloured lad in the group. Restecp!



These have been some of our favourite fancy dress Stag Party ideas. If you end up using one of these ideas then be sure to tag us in your Instagram photos so we can see them.




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