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sillystuffSo lads you’re looking for some funny ideas to pull off on the stag party? Well stay tuned because we’ve got a few ideas right here.

It’s a Stag party. When else as a grown man can you act like a school boy. So embrace the opportunity because work, wives and your children will be there to meet you again on Monday morning. So…here are some funny ideas for the stag party.



Whoopee cushions. Check

Dog turds. Check

Fake tan. Check.

Exploding Bubble Gum. Check.


The oldies but the goodies, lads. And if all else fails, you have a razor, some wax strips or just pop into a local DIY shop, pick up a roll of duck tape and when the stag is suitably drunk tape him to a pole. Don’t forget to check out our Stag Pranks section lads!



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