Golf as a Stag Activity

Golf as a Stag Activity

Planning a Stag Party and looking for activities your group can enjoy. But not much into the hype around paintball or other adrenaline junkie options? Booking a round of golf can be a fantastic option to have fun outdoors without leaving you wrecked for the busy Stag Night you have planned. So here is Golf as a Stag Activity.


Ireland is packed full of some of the best golf courses and locations you’ll find anywhere in the world. Much sought after by even the billionaire and presidential elites. Picking the right spot can really add a touch of class to your Stag Party. Most courses also have impressive club or hotel facilities to kick back with a drink afterwards.


It’s always a good idea to book ahead and have a look for locations which offer a great round of golf. But, won’t be too far from the nightlife you want for your Stag Party. Some of the best courses though are in slightly more rural locations. So plan this one well to make the most of your time. Or opt for a more laid back setting in a local town with traditional pubs, gastronomic restaurants and great craic!


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This has been Golf as a Stag Activity!


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