Have You Tried Bubble Football Yet

Have You Tried Bubble Football Yet

Have You Tried Bubble Football Yet

Looking for a fun Stag Party activity that everyone can be involved in? Something that is sure to get thousands of laughs? An activity that fuels your competitive side? An activity where violence and charging head first into your friends is actively encouraged? Well, have you tried Bubble Football yet?

The first time I was asked to go for a game of bubble football, I really didn’t know what to expect. My friends description over the phone really didn’t do it justice. “Alright bai, eh fancy a bit of bubble football?…You basically get in a ball and play football…oh and wear comfy clothes”.

Getting started!

Anyway off I went to play some Bubble Football and the first thing I said afterwards is sign me up for another go. You start the day with a safety briefing before climbing into a mini-Zorb looking ball. There’s a harness inside and handles to hold on to. Trust me they help.

Two teams were picked and with any game of football most goals wins. At first it’s awkward to run but as soon as you nail that you’ll be turning your attentions to flinging yourself into one of your mates. The collision and crash is all dependent on, did he see it coming or who has the more…emmm…ballast we’ll say.

You feel sorry for the small light fecker in your group, but that’s a brief fleeting thought as you pick him out because you want to see if you can knock him into orbit.


Here’s more…

Don’t worry, no one will get injured. You just bounce around for a couple of seconds before regaining your feet.

No one really cares about scoring goals, it’s more about the tackles. That’s probably because anytime you go to kick the ball you’re usually taken out of it before you can even swing your leg.

I can’t speak highly enough of this great stag party activity. Bubble Football is one of those activities that will fuel the conversation down the pub for the night. It will be all talk about who was the best, the worst and who even went the furthest through the air. If you decide to do Bubble Football as your stag party activity you won’t be disappointed.



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