Host a Beer Olympics

Host a Beer Olympics

Host a Beer Olympics

For anyone that would like to incorporate the Olympic Games into their stag party then host a beer Olympics. It’s also a really good excuse for the lads to fit in a few pre drinks before the stag party that night.


Opening Ceremony

For the night that’s in it bring your true Olympic spirit and have an opening ceremony! The two teams are introduced and will come out to a legendary song of their choice. ”Eye of the Tiger” is a perfect song for any lads that are in it to win it. The guy who is nominated as the commentator will introduce the team members and their chosen song. Once this is finished he explains the rules of the drinking games that they will be doing in order to win gold for their team and he will more than likely say something along the lines of  ”Let the Games Begin” (pun intended!).

Chug Challenge

First up is the chug challenge. All the lads at the stag should get involved in this game. Divide the teams evenly. Get two buckets (one for each team) and pour one can into each bucket per team member. It’s one really quick way to get all the lads at the stag a little drunk before heading out that night. You can use straws but it’s not very manly. We suggest grabbing the bucket and taking turns to chug the beer. The clock starts when the first person begins to chug. Just like the Olympic Games, any member with false starts will be eliminated. The game is finished when the beer is gone. There will be points deducted for excessive amounts of beer spilled. The fastest time wins. So get behind your starting blocks, wait for the gun and ready, set, go!

Beer Bong 

Have you ever wanted to be the Beer Bong Olympic Champion? Well now you can at the next stag party. For this game you need two teams of guys with equal numbers. On each team you need one guy to hold the funnel with one of his hands and pour the drink with the other hand. The end of the funnel can be held by the guy that is participating in the race. Only one can per person.

The remaining members of the team will wait in line until the first guy has finished his drink. Once he is done it’s on to the next guy. The process continues until all team members are finished. The team that finishes first takes first place on the Olympic podium for their epic beer bong skills. It’s not every day that you get to take home an Olympic gold medal for your awesome drinking skills.

Flip Cup Tournament

Skills required: cup flipping and beer chugging.

Round up the stag lads and make sure that there are two teams of an equal number standing on opposite sides of a table facing each other. The stag party will battle it out against each other for the title of the Flip Cup Olympic Champion. Get plastic cups and make two rows of them on the table. Each guy has to try to flip the cup and make it land perfectly without toppling over. The cup has to land on its mouth.

The first rim around the cup is used as a marker to judge where the drink is filled to. First the player must drink their beer. Once they have they must place the cup open side up at the edge of the table and attempt to flip it. You cannot use two hands or blow on the cup to guide it in the right direction. Disqualification will occur if other lads try to flip the cup. Only after the first guy has flipped his cup successfully can the next lad begin. The first team to successfully flip all their cups are the winners and will take home the title of Olympic Flip Cup Tournament Champions and a shiny gold medal to boot!

Closing Ceremony

So to finish the night in true Olympic style, have a closing ceremony. This is where the scores are tallied up and the winners are announced. But all that’s left to say is… Congratulations you are now a stag party beer Olympian!



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