How To Dress For The Party Boat

How To Dress For The Party Boat

How To Dress For The Party Boat

I’ve had the pleasure of being on many a party boat, both here in Ireland and abroad. Each time I’ve set sailed on a Party Boat I have had an unreal time. Laughing, joking, drinking and dancing from start to finish. So if you’ve decided to hit the open water as your stag party activity you’re in for a treat. We pride ourselves here at StagParty HQ with making sure all our stag’s are fully prepared before heading on their stag party weekend and even more so on The Party Boat. So lads here’s How To Dress For The Party Boat!


Flowery Board Shorts

We all have our favourite pair of flowery board shots so make sure to wear them for this fantastic occasion. Nothing says party and being on the water than flowery board shorts.

Flip Flops

Again, essential Party Boat attire involves getting some air at those little piggies and putting on a pair of flip flops. Flip flops go well with anything in my opinion but none more than a pair of flowery board shorts. When you step onto the boat in your shorts and flip flops, everyone will know you’re here to party.


It all depends on your tastes really and essentially the weather also when deciding to wear a vest, shirt or t-shirt. Lads if the suns out, guns out obviously. If you’re try to achieve the perfect farmers tan leave the t-shirt on. Finally if you want to become the captain of the ship a collared shirt is a must to distinguish you from the rest.


Goes with out saying lads if you have plans on being the captain of the party boat. You’ll need a captains hat.

Inflatable Ring

If you’re not the most confident of people when on water and inflatable ring is must for you. Easily picked up in most euro shops this will not only keep you safe should you be tipped overboard but also it will be somewhere to leave your beer on while your standing. It can also, if you’re stuck, be somewhere to sit or sleep later on in the night. It’s also an item that will make you stand out from the crowd when you’re in the club later that night.


So now that you know how to dress for the party boat all that’s left to do is get yourself on board and enjoy a stag party activity like no other.

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