Karting as a Stag Party Option

Karting as a Stag Party Option

Karting as a Stag Party Option

As Stag Party ideas go, you can’t beat Karting as a Stag Party Option. It’s great for a fun filled activity before a great Stag Night. Don’t let the scaled down racing fool you. This is an adrenaline filled activity that is becoming an ever popular choice for Stags. There have been a growing number of circuits and tracks all around Ireland to choose from with top notch facilities not far from popular Stag Night destinations.


Though this activity is recommended before those Whiskey and Beer tasting activities you’ve got planned! To get the most of this great choice. Plan ahead with your weather and decide on whether you want an indoor or outdoor track. Both have great potential either way.


And if your Stag is a die-hard Formula 1 fan. Maybe the longer more complicated tracks will really step this activity up a notch. Karts these days can accommodate nearly anyone, so this can be a great way to get everyone involved. So if you think this might be just what you’re looking for before a great Stag Night, have a look Stag Party Packages and see what great offers you can find on Karting for a Stag Party!



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