Life Sized Cut Out

Life Sized Cut Out

Life Sized Cut Out

lifesizecutout_imageThe whole idea of the stag party is to get away to celebrate your last night of freedom as a single man. So imagine if there is a life sized cut out of your fiancé being carried around with you for the weekend.

Imagine the photos on the Stag Party with a cardboard cut out of the grooms Fiancé, hilarious!

There are plenty of sites that allow you to upload a picture to change into a life sized cut out that you can glue to cardboard.


I guarantee you will have complete stranger wanting photos with the cut out! Also word of warning, no dodgy picture of the cut out, which is of the bride to be, in any compromising positions. Finally, for more great pranks, make sure to check out our Stag Pranks section! This is one of our favourite pranks to pull off. Why not give it a go?



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