Olympic Themed Stag Party

Olympic Themed Hen Party

Olympic Themed Stag Party

Opt for something different and have an Olympic themed stag party with the lads. With the Olympics just around the corner it is a unique and fun way to incorporate such a well known sporting event. It’s also a great excuse for some pre drinks before the stag.


  • Make edible Olympic torches out of small ice cream cones by filling them with popcorn. This is no joke it looks awesome. Google it and give it a try.
  • If there are guys in the stag that don’t mind making the extra effort then get a few of them to buy some card and make it into a cone shape. Sellotape the cone and put Cheetos into it (you can purchase Cheetos online or find crisps that look similar), this will look like the Olympic torch and flame.


  • In keeping with the Olympics, order an array of international beers for the lads. Or you could also just buy the beer of the country that you are supporting in this years Olympics.
  • Make some Olympic coloured shots. Perfect for any Olympic themed drinking game!
  • Serve Goldschlager with every gold medal that you give out, it has bits of real gold floating around inside of it which means it’s almost like drinking 1/100th of a real Olympic gold medal! Sure what more could you want!


  • Medals are a must! How else will you reward first place for beer bong or flip cup Olympic Champion? Buy gold, silver and bronze medals to give out to the lads at the stag when they come in the top three places. Or just purchase gold medals so that the lads only get a medal if they actually come first. Evil but funny! The race to get a medal will well and truly be on!
  • A podium would be a nice addition. If you can’t get your hands on one then use chairs of different heights to distinguish between first, second and third place.
  • Make the Olympic rings out of balloons.
  • Put mini international flags all around the house/venue.
  • Get custom Olympic themed stag t-shirts.
  • There are gold Olympic style medals that you can buy that have a bottle opener in the middle of them. This will definitely come in handy for the stag party. Order them in plentiful and nobody will be stuck for a beer!

Make a Mixtape

A mixtape is a necessity for all stag parties! It will come in handy for the ‘closing ceremony’ when the Olympic gold medal winners are being announced on the podium. ”We are the Champions” by Queen is a good song to have the guys walk out to when they get their medals.

Some other classic stag party songs are:

1. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

2. (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)” – Beastie Boys

3. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars

4. Sex is on fire – Kings of Leon

5. Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake

6. Candy Shop- 50 Cent

7. Boys are back in town – Thin Lizzy

8. Pour some sugar on me – Def Leppard

9. Shots – LMFAO

10. Pretty Fly for a White Guy – The Offspring

Drinking Games

  • This game takes the stamina of an Olympian. Take a shot of beer every minute for 60 minutes. This is 60 shots of beer an hour so you’ve been warned lads!
  • Spin a coin on a table. While the coin is spinning, drink your beer. When you are finished place the can on any part of the table that you wish. If your spinning coin hits an empty can then you must spin again. As the game goes on it becomes more challenging because more and more empty cans are left on the table. This game needs the eye of an Olympian to spot where to spin the coin so that it does not hit off the empty cans.


Now that you have everything you need to know to plan an Olympic themed stag party there’s no excuses not to!



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