Our Top 5 Stag Party Fancy Dress Themes


Our Top 5 Stag Party Fancy Dress Themes

 Fancy dress isn’t just for Halloween! It can add a lot of laughter to any stag party and fancy dress themes are a very popular idea for hen parties but it’s not just Hens that can dress up and have all the fun. Round the lads up and get your costumes on and hit the town in style. Here are our top 5 stag party fancy dress themes!

  • Superheroes

 Have you ever wanted to be Batman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Superman or even the Hulk? Now’s your chance. Set a theme among the group to be your own little band of Avengers or Justice League. Or decide to mix and match so Batman can have a few drinks with Spider-Man. Whichever hero you choose, it’ll lead to some good laughs and possible arguments about who’s stronger. Don’t take our word for it, but Batman beats all of them…

  • Tutus

 Why not spend the night being fabulous? Whether you decide to go luminous green or sparkly pink, it’ll draw some fun attention and lighten the atmosphere wherever you go as the night goes on. You could even take it a step further and wear matching stockings. The manly men in the group won’t be fans of this one but it’s just for some fun and laughs.

  • Policemen

 Get out your finest sunglasses, navy hats and uniforms for this one because you’ll be required to protect and serve some tasty pints to the Groom. 

  • Army

 Ten-hut, soldier! You’ll blend right in with this theme because you’ll be wearing your finest camo-coloured combat pants, drab t-shirts and black boots. You and the lads can become your own little platoon for the night. And the best bit is that your station is the bar!

  • Lifeguards

 Get ready for lots of mouth to mouth and Baywatch jokes with this one. Or get ahead of the game and enter each bar as if you’re in slow motion. You might not look as majestic as they did in the movies, but all eyes will definitely be on you and the lads.


 There are so many different stag party fancy dress themes to choose from, all bringing their own set of incentives as to why you should choose them, but these are 5 of our favourite choices and all are sure to bring some laughs and attention to the group. Whichever theme you go with, make the most of it and enjoy the experience. Maybe even try to stay in character for the night to make it even more fun!



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