Our top requested activities for 2019

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Our top requested activities for 2019

Knowing what our customer is looking for is the key to providing a top class service, we have put together this list of Our top requested activities for 2019. Delivering what our customer requires gives us the leading edge in what we do. Our motto is Quality, quality and nothing but quality. We also review regularly as cracks in the boards can appear in areas outside our control so getting honest feedback is important and we value that. This allows us to take action in dealing with any concerns quickly so that clients are happy.

We pride ourselves that a huge percentage of our bookings come from recommendations.

As an exercise in quality control and customer care we look at the most popular booked activities and share with you our assessment and report on them.

1. Paintballing

If you don’t know what paintballing is, you are from a different planet and we would seriously ask you to call and see us so we can examine what an alien looks like. (ET phone home), no mobiles in those days; No wonder he got lost;

We have loads of paintballing event centers on our list and it remains one of the more popular activities. Why?

Well, the stags are a whole bunch of testosterone fuelled male friends and relations that the Groom has for company. They will constantly challenge each other in every aspect of their lives. Family, jobs, sport and table quizzes. So, when the curtains are really drawn and the friendship is put in a drawer somewhere for an hour, the gloves definitely come off. It’s every man for himself and the team. The party is divided into two groups, each armed with air guns loaded with little plastic balls of paint. Teams have 2 different colours. There’s stalking, hunting, avoiding, chasing and shooting at each other. Both “armies” are suitably suited and booted and protected in the facial area so that any damage is purely cosmetic. The object is to annihilate the opposing team. Brilliant fun and high on our “to do” stag party list

2. Clay pigeon shooting

This is not America and most of our population will go through life without ever holding a gun. However most, if not all, of the population has seen movies where everyone has a firearm. The curious male of course wants to experience the feeling of shooting something. Well, there was a time that it was the only way to put food on the plate, and then what? Along came McDonalds.

Now we have clay pigeon shooting which is shooting at a clay disc that is catapulted into to air from a machine as a Stag is pointing a loaded shotgun in the direction that it will fly. The skill is blasting it out of the air before it falls to the ground and starts to breed more clay pigeons. This is for the macho man. The good, the bad and the ugly; Bang!

Scores are kept and the competition rolls on..

3. Karting

Yup, this is for the “would-be” Lewis Hamiltons. All gas and guts; Turn up at one of our recommended tracks, put on the racing suits and helmets. Register your details and car number in the onsite computer, smell the fuel, the scorching rubber, well maybe not, slip into the Kart, do a practice lap and then give it welly. Bends, straights, curves and everything else as well; beat the stags and beat the clock. Ripping and gripping stuff.

Vroom, vroom!



So lads, don’t forget to check out our website and also follow us on Facebook if you’re looking for more information for your Stag Party. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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