Sport Match as a Stag Activity

Sport Matches as a Stag Activity

Sport Match as a Stag Activity

Planning a Stag Party? You’ve probably already sorted the guest list and decided on a top Stag Night destination and filled the schedule with the best Stag friendly bars and nightclubs and maybe even a beer or whiskey tasting as well. But getting the afternoon activity right can be a bit trickier. So for an easy fix suggestion without the fuss, why not pick a Sport Match as a Stag Activity?

If you and your mates enjoy nothing better than watching a game with a few drinks of an afternoon. Then why not do just that. Most bars are well kitted out with the latest HD big screens and offer a comfortable and atmospheric setting ideal a weekend kick-off. If this sounds like all you need to enjoy your stag without all that running around in most Stag activities, like Paintball, you could be on to a winner and best of all it is easy to plan.

Pick your favourite haunt or trendy bar you’ve had your eye on to try out. Find out the match schedule, send out the invites, job done, couldn’t be simpler. Most bars would be only too happy to reserve a table in a prime spot and maybe even throw in a drinks deal as well, ring ahead and ask around to find the best options.

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