Stag Drinking Games

Stag Drinking Games

Stag Drinking Games

We would like to say straight away it’s always important to drink sensibly and we don’t recommend drinking excessively in games to enjoy your Stag Night. But we know drinking games happen. So here’s some information to get you started.


First things first, know your drinks and your tolerance. It’s no good having to be sent home in a taxi after the first round. Continental beers, especially those from Belgium can be stronger than wine so if it’s drinking games give these a miss. If you’re a light weight and you know it. Substitute every second drink with a class of water. You’ll get to join in the fun, but keep going as well, chances are you’ll be tipsy even doing this!


When it comes to choosing your Stag Party drinking game. It’s really like any other Stag Party idea or activity and that’s keep it simple. Go with the old favourites that you know will go down well. In the end really it’s all down to the people, personalities and fun rather than what game you choose. Some classic choices would be “Buffalo”, “Kings”, “Never Have I Ever”, “Beer Pong”, to name just a fraction of the choices.


So choose some of your old favourites from nights out before, and maybe do a little research for new Stag Night Drinking Games you think your stag might like and check out for more Stag Party Ideas and Stag Party Activities!



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