Stag night ideas

Stag night ideas

Good Stag night ideas

mainpageSometimes, you just need a few mad stag night ideas to really make the Stag weekend work. You need something that will really get the lads going and make them all have a fantastic time.

Well, sometimes, paintball or surfing just aren’t enough to make sure the Groom has a stag he’ll never forget. While they are definitely great craic, they just don’t hit the spot for some groups.

There are plenty of crazy or slightly off-beat ideas out there for the stag, dressing up, taping him to a lamppost, or even putting fake tan on the stag. We have put a collection of them together here to get you started.

So what you have to ask yourself, is how wild a night do you want? And, is the wedding far enough way to recover from the stag weekend.



So there you have it lads! If you need any others or any aspect of your stag, just drop us a line on


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