Stag Party Shower Beer

Stag Party Shower Beer

Stag Party Shower Beer

There are a few things in life which are just so blissful that you often wonder why it took you this long to try it. It takes someone in your stag party group to open your eyes and introduce you the wonderful idea of the Stag Party Shower Beer!

Stag parties are long events. During the day you could be working up a sweat playing bubble football or rolling around in the mud during a game of paintball. Whatever stag party activity you decide on will be more than likely mixed in with a few beers.

So when it’s time to get ready for the big stag party night and refresh the body and mind you’ll find yourself heading for a shower. We all enjoy a good shower and it’s essential because you don’t want to be sticking the bar up. But to make this occassion even more special is when you bring in an ice cold beer into the shower with you.

The warmth of the shower and the coldness of the beer is a combo that just works. There beer feels more refreshing and goes down easier. It also means you can continue your stag party drinking wherever you go. Trust me when I say this is a game changer if you’re planning on having a few drinks in your accommodation before heading out on the town.

So when you have your stag party weekend will you be enjoying the Stag Party Shower Beer? Just look how inviting it is!




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