Stag Vs Food And The Huckleberry Challenge

Stag Vs Food And The Huckleberry Challenge

Stag Vs Food And The Huckleberry Challenge

Over the course of my Stag Vs Food adventures around Ireland, I’ve been trying to cover all the bases when it comes to food challenges. I’ve done 2 massive fry ups, a burger challenge, a hot wings challenge, a fried food challenge and even a gigantic pizza challenge. I had yet to do a sweet or dessert based challenge and as faith would have it. I bumped into Jason the owner of Huckleberry Doughnuts in Cork at an event. And next thing you know, it was time for Stag Vs Food And The Huckleberry Challenge.

The Huckleberry Challenge involves eating 3 of Huckleberry’s signature doughnuts in fast a time as possible. They are ‘The Bitch’, ‘The Bastard’ and ‘Sugar Nutella’. Also, one of the rules in doughnut eating contests is no licking of the lips during the challenge. Easier said than done I might add. Oh and of course no drinking either. Your final time is then put on the wall for all to see!

I’ll be honest lads. I was quietly confident as I made my way to the shop. I’ve taken on big food challenges and this was 3 doughnuts. All I had to do is put in a respectable time. I met Jason and the entire crew in the shop, got the table set up and laid out the challenge in front of me.

Firstly, I talked tactics briefly and knew I liked all the flavours. (The mushrooms in the fry up challenges always get me). It was time. 3…2…1…Go!

I tucked into the Sugar Nutella doughnut with vigour trying to get off to a good start. Very quickly I realised I had underestimated this challenge. My mouth was so full of dough, nutella and sugar and I could barely chew. The dough along with the nutella got stuck to the roof of my mouth and made it a arduous task to chew and swallow. I powered through and went to smaller bites.

The next doughnut up didn’t make life any easier. Bursting with peanut butter again I’d struggle on trying to chew and finish this challenge in a quick a time as possible. At one point I even got some stuck in my throat.

The last doughnut Jason said would be the easiest as “it’s chocolate mouse instead of nutella”. The same outcome as the 2 previous doughnuts was eating away at an impressive time. As I took the final bite and desperately chewed as quickly as I could, I broke the 5 minute barrier.

So, my final time was 5 mins and 6 seconds. I was never so grateful for a drink. I could feel the dough slide down into my stomach. I’ll admit, even as I struggled to eat the doughnuts. They still tasted savage.

The Huckleberry Challenge is a lot harder than it looks lads and trying not to lick your lips is tricky. But it’s brilliant craic. It’s definitely worth giving it a try on a Cork stag party weekend. Big thanks again to Jason and the crew for having me down. So, will you be trying Stag Vs Food And The Huckleberry Challenge?

Finally, do you think you could beat my time? Check out the video below!



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