Stag Vs Food Takes On The Pinheads Pizza Challenge

Stag Vs Food Takes On The Pinheads Pizza Challenge

Stag Vs Food Takes On The Pinheads Pizza Challenge

I was on the road again for another Stag Vs Food Challenge gents. This time I ventured up to our nations capital to take on quiet possibly the biggest food challenge in Ireland and even Europe. I made my way out to Pinheads Pizza on the South Circular road to take on a 32″ inch pizza! Yes you read that right! This is Stag Vs Food Takes On The Pinheads Pizza Challenge!

The particulars of this pizza challenge will have your confidence shot before you start. The aim is to complete the entire 32 inch pizza and 2 milkshakes in under 32 minutes. Now I love pizza but 32 inches of dough, cheese, pepperoni and sauce was always going to be tough to finish. Oh you get to pick your own toppings lads in case your not a fan of pepperoni.

I really can’t say it enough but the pizza is huge. Pinheads pizza even had to have a special tray made to cook it and the takeaway box would need two people to carry it. This pizza is definitely not being delivered on the back of a moped anyway.

I settled in for a grueling 32 minutes of eating as the smell of the pizza filled the air. I hadn’t eaten all day in anticipation for this challenge so my mouth was watering from the smell. My jaw dropped when the pizza was dropped down to the table. The realisation of what I was about to take on set in.

I had no strategy expect to eat as much as possible as I could before the 32 mins was up. The timer was set and I got stuck in. I cleared a quarter of the pizza in about 6 mins. Anthony the owner had made a wager with me that if I finished the pizza he’d give me €500. So when I had a quarter gone I thought I might be going home with an extra few euro in my back pocket.

Fast forward 5 minutes and the dough had hit the bottom of my stomach like a lead weight. I was starting to feel the effects of the pizza I had already eaten. The length of a slice of pizza went from my elbow to end of my fingers.

Anthony the owner suggested I fold a slice over on itself in a bid to down 2 slices in one. It was the toughest slice of pizza I’ve ever ate. The pizza was very tasty lads but the shear amount of dough was having an effect on me. I made it through the double slice but I was in a race against the clock now. There was no way I was going to finish this pizza. So, I made it my business to leave a good account of myself and eat at least half of the pizza.

I munched on bite after bite until the clock ran dead. Half the pizza eaten and Anthony got to hold onto that €500. I also had enough calories on board to do me well into the weekend.

It was brilliant craic though lads trying to complete this challenge. I was picturing what the groom would be like after a few beers taking this pizza on. You’ll be able to get plenty of embarrassing pics and videos of the stag struggling with the challenge. Make sure to check out the video of me struggling!

I’m now preparing for my next Stag Vs Food Challenge lads. Any idea of where I’ll be going next?

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This has been Stag Vs Food Takes On The Pinheads Pizza Challenge!



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