Stag Vs Food Takes On The Revolution Hot Wing Challenge

Stag Vs Food Takes On The Revolution Hot Wing Challenge

Stag Vs Food Takes On The Revolution Hot Wing Challenge

I was on the road again lads. This time I was in the Déise County and in Waterford City to take on another Stag Vs Food Challenge! This time I was heading into the guys in Revolution on John St. to take on their Hot Wing Challenge.

On the hottest day of the year so far I took on the hottest Stag Vs Food challenge we have. I was feeling confident with this food challenge though. Because anyone that knows me, knows I love chicken and love spicy food.

I was taking in my surroundings, enjoying seeing all the craft beers and whiskeys on offer and relishing the sun coming in the window. Then out walks the chef with wings and the smell alone told me these wings were going to be hotter than I expected.

The wings are marinated overnight in a Louisiana Hot Sauce, Ghost Chilli Pepper and Jalapenos. There’s also a variety of chilli’s, peppers and possibly the devil’s blood mixed in too. You know the wings are sadistically hot when the chef stays out to watch you suffer.

This Stag Vs Food challenge involves you eating 20 ridiculously hot wings in as quick a time as possible. Then as soon as you finish, you have to endure a 5 minute burn time. My tactics were simple gents. Eat the wings as quickly as I physically could and deal with the heat afterwards.

Here we go again gents, Stag Vs Food Takes On The Revolution Hot Wing Challenge!

The first 2 or 3 wings were okay. I actually thought that these wings may not be that hot for me. My confidence was short lived as the heat hit me. My face started to heat up and the chilli sweats were on me before I knew it. The spice in the wings had my lip trembling as I bit into another wing. I made sure to finish every last bit on each wing. Gotta stick to the rules.

What followed felt like I was licking fire as I dug deeper into the bowl of wings. The heat just kept intensifying and the sweat fell from my head on to the table. I powered on and completed the wings in 14:16.

Then the burn time of 5 minutes had to be endured before I could drink any milk. I made it through the 5 mins with plenty of shaking and knee bouncing. I downed the pint of milk provided and I don’t actually drink milk. This was only drank to help cool down my mouth.

I spent the next hour after I left the bar sweating and basically feeling like a shell of man. I may have won the challenge but those wings had beaten me.

This Stag Vs Food challenge though lads is brilliant craic. There were a few guys in the pub cheering me on and having a good laugh at my expense. Exactly what a Stag Party weekend is all about. Laughing at the stags’s expense. So make sure and pop into Revolution, give the Stag Vs Food Hot Wing Challenge a try and let us know your time.

Make sure to check out the video, if anything you’ll laugh at my expense!

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