Summer Sun and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Summer Sun and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Summer Sun and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The last few days in Ireland have just been glorious lads. Who’s rocking a farmers tan in work? And who wishes that a law will be passed that work be suspended when we have weather like this to fully enjoy it. It may be a while before we see it again.

When the sun shines on this great country there is a real feel good factor in the air. The beer gardens across the land are full and everyone is in high spirits. Either from just being able to enjoy the weekend to it’s fullest. Sure last weekend people were able to cheer on the boys in green or rock it out to the Boss and the east street band in fine weather.

Monday then decided to show up and drag us all back indoors to stare enviously out the window at the sunshine and have us longing for a 99 and for 5.30 pm. I love the water and sea myself personally. I’m a keen surfer and any chance I can lob myself into the sea I take it.

One of the perks of working for is having a few contacts that are always up for heading out on the water. A call was made at approximately 9.05 am on Monday morning. I won’t lie… I didn’t last that long looking out at the sun before organising plans to head out for an evening of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. So I made the call to my man Muirti in Summer SUP School.


He as always…

He as always was well up for it and began to organise a BBQ too. To be fair he loves his new BBQ and to his credit he’s not a bad cook either, plus no one in Ireland turns down the opportunity for BBQ food on a sunny day. A few texts were made and crew of us showed up after work, with food ready for the BBQ, a few beers, wetsuits in hand and the sunnies of course.

After we devoured our dinner, and an ice cream, we made the short drive to the beach. Quick outfit change and we all made our way down the shore to take to the water. This wasn’t my first time going Stand Up Paddle Boarding so I’m quiet used to standing, paddling, maneuvering myself and the board. Before long I was out in the bay, taking a few pictures, soaking in the vitamin D and just enjoying being on the water.

For those who have never tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding and are considering it as your stag party activity. You are in for a fantastic time. The first few mins is all about learning how to balance on the board, foot positions and how to paddle properly. Depending on where you go on your stag party, you’ll start off in flat or calmer water before adventuring out in search of a few waves.

No need to worry about not having the skills or the balance. You’ll pick up SUP very quickly. In no time you’ll be flying around the water and falling in love with this fantastic water sport. And sure if you fall in, you fall in. After a big night out the water might be the cure you needed for another big stag party night.


We paddled…

We paddled a short distance down the coast taking in the views and the local sea life too. It was decided that this would be the most opportune time to go for a dip. I attached my paddle to my board. Had a quick look to make sure my leash was still attached to my leg. Then I hooked my sunglasses to the board.

I dove off the board…the board flicked… my sunglasses went up in the air and well. They now reside at the bottom of the ocean floor. Note to self in the future, leave the sunglasses in the car next time. I really did like those glasses.

We spent plenty of time jumping in and out of the water from the boards, and playing a form of SUP duel. Although some were better than others. I’ll have my revenge…. We then tried 2 people on a board which seemed easy. But it just led to comical flips and slips into the water. It was great craic as always. Falling in wasn’t the worst thing as the water was beautiful yesterday evening. With a wetsuit on you could stay in the water for hours.


As the sun set on a fantastic day, we paddled our way back to shore. We re-racked the boards and we all headed for a beer. I can’t recommend Stand Up Paddle Boarding enough to stag parties. It’s great craic! The instructors will make sure you will all have a smile on your face from start to finish. You’ll be talking about this great stag party activity long into the stag party night.

Big thanks again to Muirti and Summer SUP School for sorting me out and I’m already planning going stand up paddle boarding again.





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