The James Bond Stag Party Theme

The James Bond Stag Party Theme

The James Bond Stag Party Theme

It’s safe to say that at some point or another when we were kids we all wanted to be James Bond. We’ve all grown up with this staggering 26 movie franchise. You wanted to be as cool as Jimmy Bond, be a hit with the ladies, a marksmen with any firearm and drive ridiculously fast cars with tons of gadgets. While doing all this dressed in a fine suit and sipping on martini’s. Be honest the first time you ever had a martini you probably asked for it shaken not stirred. Here’s The James Bond Stag Party Theme!

So if you are a huge fan of the Ian Fleming’s novels and movies then why not indulge yourself with The James Bond Stag Party Theme! I’ll show you how to plan the perfect James Bond stag party that will make for an unforgettable weekend and something you’ll be talking about for weeks to come with your Moneypenny.

Stag Party Activities Full of Action

With any good Bond film comes a classic shoot out. We’ve seen 10 different Bond actors over 53 years have action packed shoot outs through various different locations. So with that in mind organise a day of paintballing as your stag party activity. Everyone gets a gun in their hand, split into teams and have an all out shoot out over a variety of courses. Most paintballing course will be able to provide a few different courses. From trench warfare to storming a stronghold and building.

If you want something a little more powerful. Why not try a bit of clay pigeon shooting an see which one of your stag party group is as good a marksmen as James Bond himself.

The James Bond Stag Party Theme wouldn’t be anything with out a high speed chase on you stag party. You can choose the classic stag party activity, Karting. Or go with something like 4×4 off road driving, quad biking, mountain biking, take a spin on a power boat or a rib trip and even try a spot of white water rafting which will all get the adrenaline pumping through your body.

A Bond Like Stag Party Night

If you’re fully committed to the James Bond stag party then you have to be looking at having Casino night! Bond is always a thrill seeker and if it’s poker, roulette, blackjack or even just the slot machines. Enjoy placing a few bets and doing your best James Bond stare down when you’re trying to call someones bluff.

You can always arrive in style with a limo but the attire for the James Bond stag party theme is strictly suit only. Obviously it goes without saying that it’s only the finer things you’ll be drinking on the stag party night. You could decide to enjoy a whiskey tasting or cocktail class as a stag party activity. But whatever you decide on the night only a fine scotch, whiskey, bourbon and of course a martini shall touch your lips. Remember Shaken not stirred.

In my opinion, I think a organising a VIP area in a nightclub would tie in nicely with this stag party theme and bottle of champagne oozes class and sophistication.

A Bond Like Stag Party Accommodation

Bond always stayed in the finest hotels across the world and it will be no different with We’ve plenty of high end accommodation that won’t damage the bank balance either and they’re all located in the city centre, the heart of all the action on your action packed James Bond stag party.

So will you have to consult with ‘M’ before you head on this stag party mission? I’m sure ‘Q’ will be able to provide you with plenty of gadgets for stag party pranks and stag party ideas. And no doubt your Moneypenny will love the sight of you in a suit when you return from your stag party weekend.



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