The Stag’s Guide To Watching The Olympics

The Stags Guide To Watching The Olympics

The Stag’s Guide To Watching The Olympics

The Olympics and Rio 2016 is upon us. Hundreds of athletes from nations all over the world will descend on Brazil in the hope of Olympic gold. As always we’ll be supporting our athletes during the games but the Olympics always showcases obscure sports that we normally don’t watch on TV.

The likelihood is you don’t know all the rules or what the judges will be scoring the athletes on in these obscure sports. So with that in mind here is The Stag’s Guide To Watching The Olympics.


Diving is popular Olympic event that most people will only watch when the Olympics are on TV or if they’re wide awake in the middle of night and happen to flick on EuroSport. There’s so many variables with spins, twists, flips and of course the heights too. All these make up the judges scoring but there is an easier way to judge it



Another sport that many of us only watch if we happen to stumble across it or have a vested interest in it. It’s not like the premier league where every sports media outlet speaks about. So knowing the rules and what the judges are looking for can be tricky. Again across the many gymnastics disciplines and all the variables one of the main things is not to fall. Also the landing is major thing!



Weightlifting might be something you’ve seen a little bit more of with everyone seemingly being into the gym and working out more. Crossfitters sharing videos of weightlifting or you’ve watched Game Of Thrones character The Mountains training. Either way this is essentially what you need to know.



Volleyball often described as a serious or intense version of “Don’t let the balloon touch the floor” game that always captivates the public when the Olympics comes around. And when I mean public, I mean men who simply tune in to watch the Swedish volleyball team. Great television if you ask me! So rules are simple to be fair, don’t let the ball touch the floor on your side and try and get it to hit the floor on the other side. But we are more interested in good volleyball being played than negative or bad volleyball being on our screens.


Table Tennis

A great Olympic sport in my opinion. It makes your table tennis skills look absolutely pathetic. Again the rules are simple but as sports enthusiasts we want to see the very best table tennis at the Olympics. So know your shots, spins, fades, sweeps etc. So for the table tennis enthusiasts, here is

Good Table Tennis!

Bad Table Tennis!



This has to be one of those sports that we all wish we were good at. Ever since I saw three Musketeers I’ve always thought I’d love to be able to fence. So when the Olympics is I always watch it. The rules are very simple, strike your opponent. But how do you know you’re watching a good match. Here’s how.

Good Fencing!
Fencing - In 'slow-motion'

Bad Fencing!



So there you have the Stag’s Guide to watching the Olympics. You’ll know now exactly what to look for and to enjoy the games even more!



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