Top 5 Indoor Stag Party Activities


Top 5 Indoor Stag Party Activities

Indoor activities are a great option for a stag party that does not wish to brave the elements and take part in outdoor activities such as cable wakeboarding, canoeing or deep sea fishing. With a wide range of indoor activities to choose from you can’t go wrong! So here are our top 5!

1. Live Escape Game Challenge:

This is a fun activity for groups so it is the perfect choice for a stag party. You are given 60 minutes to try and solve clues in order to escape from a locked room or else you will face consequences! This involves brainpower and teamwork and sure isn’t bonding and having the craic what it’s all about on a stag party! This activity presents a challenge for even the brightest sparks!

So do you have what it takes to escape? (alpha male title up for grabs!)

2. Distillery Tour

This is one activity that stags enjoy every time. Take a trip to see a fully operational distillery where you will hear, see, smell and even taste what it is like to be in a distillery. Once the tour is finished you can even enjoy a hand crafted cocktail from the whiskey mixologist! I’m already sold!

3. Indoor Paintball

This is one of the more popular activities that stags enjoy. So why not round up the troops in true military style and enjoy some stag bonding while pelting paintballs off eachother!

There is also an option to play Airsoft which is like paintball but the gun is sightly different and resembles that of a real firearm. There are several venues indoors in Ireland that provide this activity. Sound fun? You can thank us later!

4. Bowling

An oldie but a goodie! Looking to have a few drinks, eat pizza and knock some things over with heavy objects? Perfect! Bowling is for you! It’s also weather proof. So it’s raining? No problem! Snowing? No problem! Bowling is the perfect opportunity to grab the lads and have some fun on your stag. Picking witty stag related team names is half the fun especially when you see them up on the big screen.

Behold…’Balls of Steel’!

5. Karting

The weather will pose no threat to your night if you choose to partake in karting. There are a range of different indoor karting facilities to choose from with a karting course that will test even the most experienced of drivers skills. Also, to make it even more fun for a stag why not create a theme for the stag party so that everyone is dressed up for the event. We think Mario Kart would be a fitting theme!

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