Top 5 Stag Party Activities in 2018

Top 5 Stag Party Activities in 2018

Top 5 Stag Party Activities in 2018

Ah… a new year and plenty of stag parties to come throughout the course of 2018. That means one thing to our gang up here in HQ. We gotta make sure that our stag party packages and activities are fantastic each and every time you go on a stag with us. It can be tricky sometimes choosing the right activity for a big group of lads. But we’ve run the numbers and here are the Top 5 Stag Party Activities in 2018!

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms was a hugely popular stag party activity in the second half of 2017 and is going to carry that popularity right through 2018. It doesn’t jump off the page like some adrenaline pumping activity but I can’t speak highly enough about the stag party activity. It’s 60 minutes or sheer chaos, fun, frustration and competition. You’ll be locked in a room and as a team you’ll race against the clock to escape the room. If the group is big enough, 2 teams and you’ll race against one another.

How do you escape? By solving a variety of puzzles, clues and riddles. It’s kinda like shoving the crystal maze into a room. You can’t help but have a laugh in the Escape rooms and it’s an activity you’ll talking about well into the night.

Brewery & Distillery Tours

Start as you mean to go lads on your 2018 Stag Party. A Brewery Tour, Distillery Tour, Beer Tasting and Whiskey Tastings are all set to be hugely popular activities with guys in 2018. I know I’ve added in Beer & Whiskey Tasting but it falls under this umbrella.

Some stags just want to meet up with the lads, grab more than a few drinks and simply party the weekend away from the first minute to the last. These activities fit the bill. Cheers to that.

Bubble Soccer

What a combo for a stag weekend when you think about. Playing sport and at the same time trying to knock your mate into orbit. Bubble Soccer will continue to be a hit, (not going to apologize for that pun), with guys in 2018. It’s a blast from start to finish as you try to put as many balls in the back of the net while guys are walloping you. The Bubble itself will keep you nice and protected throughout so no fear of an injury.

Our advice with this stag party activity lads, make sure to have a couple games of chicken or 1-on-1 and see who comes off second best.


Anyone that has taken part in a Karting grand prix knows that karting is simply a brilliant stag party activity. It’s all action, high octane and adrenaline pumping from the word go. It gets the competitive juices pumping as all the lads try to out do one another in tight corners and fast straights. All to see who’s the best driver among you and of course who if they had the financial backing in their youth could have made it to formula 1.


Last our list and by no means least is Paintball. Paintball is essentially stag party activity royalty at this stage. It consistently delivers year and after year for stag party groups. And, it looks no different in 2018. Dive around in mud, dirt, play wars games and hopefully shoot the stag and leave a lasting mark on him. Never a dull moment with Paintball on the stag. If you do fancy taking it up a notch. Pick up a pair of bunny ears and make the stag wear them throughout the paintball war games. It will make it easier to spot him and unload a barrage of paintballs on him.

So there you have it lads. The Top 5 Stag Party Activities in 2018. What activity will you choose to send off your mate in style?

Finally, if you’re interested in any of these stag party activities for your stag party weekend. Drop us a line on or give us a call on 051390383.



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