Top 5 Water Sports Activities


Top 5 Water Sports Activities

If you are heading to a stag do or you know someone who is going to a stag then check out the top 5 water sports activities to choose from. These are perfect for any water lovers among the stag party. So here they are lads!


1. White Water Adventure 

This activity is perfect for team building and bonding so it is ideal for a stag party activity. You are secure in a canoe and life jackets and protective head gear are provided. So if navigating swift moving rivers and waterfalls and riding rapids is something that you think you might enjoy then this activity is for you. We highly recommend it – Just go with the flow!

2. Cable Wakeboarding

This activity will definitely revitalise you and boost your energy levels if you have been drinking the night before. It is very similar to water skiing except there are no skis and a board is used instead. There is a great adrenaline rush got from this activity and it is one that stag parties always enjoy.

3. Kayaking

Jump in a kayak and use the paddles to make your way through the water. This sport is a great way for the stag party to hang out or even to show your competitive streak among the lads. It is ideal because it’s an activity for all ages – in case the dad decides to pop along for the stag! The more the merrier we say!

4. Pier Jumping

So have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of pier jumping?  It’s such a fun activity and everyone can get involved. If it doesn’t get rid of a hangover it will definitely take your mind off it!

5. Coasteering

You might have guessed by the name that this activity involves exploring a rocky coastline. It has a physical element to it as you have to climb, jump, and swim. It’s suitable for everyone and a life jacket is provided. No previous experience is required, just a passion for water sports and a love for the outdoors!


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