Have You Tried Football Darts

Have You Tried Football Darts

Have You Tried Football Darts?

Football darts combines the two great sports of Football and Darts! Using only your football skills you’ll have to try and nail triple 20’s, 180 and of course hit the bull on huge inflatable dart board! So, have you tried Football Darts?

I never get sick of people coming up with great hybrids of sports. Firstly, there was SlamBall which saw trampolines added to a basketball court and implemented American Football style tackling. A truly great sport. Then came Footgolf. A fantastic stag party activity that sees you replacing the golf ball with a football and the clubs with your leg. Now, we are delighted to bring you Football Darts as a stag party activity!

The inflatable dart board to begin with lads is massive. It will lead you into a false sense of security. Because from first glance you’ll be convinced you’ll be pinging the football at the triple twenty. The footballs they use are the indoor footballs. Which are basically oversized tennis balls.

The footballs are placed a set distance away, like the oche and like in darts you’ll have three throws or kicks for your turn. I won’t lie lads. It’s a lot harder then it looks. You’ll try a variety of shots to rack up a high score but too much curve and spin can make the ball fly off.

What else?

Also, if you decide to smash the football. My only real piece of skill. The ball doesn’t travel the same way. It will pull slightly so that option is limited. You really will have to use all the tricks you have to beat the lads in a game of Football Darts.

After you’ve properly tested your Football Darts skills, you have to try Dizzy Football. Spin around with your head on a broom handle. Complete 15 spins then try and kick a football at the dart board. I guarantee that what happens next will be pure hilarity. And should someone nail a bullseye then you’ve just witnessed a miracle.

I can’t speak highly enough of Football Darts lads. This will be one of the best stag party activities you’ll ever try.

Think you could do better?

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