Two Activities That Go Well Together Part 1

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Lads, let’s be honest! Most stag parties aren’t just going on for one night anymore, it’s normally a weekend gig now! Whether it’s Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday, you’ve got a lot of time to pack as much fun activities as you possibly can into those days in order to make the stag party the best it can be!

A great way to take up some of that time is to include an activity for the whole group to take part in. But better yet…why not plan for the group to do two activities?

There are so many variations of stag party activities that work really well together. If you want to do both on the same day, go for it. If you want to do one on the first day and do the second the next day, go for it. It’s completely up to you!

So let’s get into which two activities we’ve chosen this time around. Here’s Two Stag Party Activities That Go Well Together!


1. Paintballing

Paintballing is great for any group of lads. Defend or attack a base in a Capture The Flag style as your stag party group is split into two teams as you’re armed with a paintball gun and a lot of paintballs, you’ll battle it out with your mates as you try to make your team win!


2. Brewery Tour

Brewery Tours are a great idea if you want to have a nice and relaxed day with the lads and find out how some of your favourite drinks are made. You’ll find out just how much effort goes into the making of the perfect drink.


Why These Two Activities Work Well Together:

  • High Intensity Followed By A Chilled Time

Paintballing is a high intensity activity and will make the lads push themselves because of the feeling of competition they’ll be feeling. Slip up and they’ll get shot in the back. They’ll have to be constantly aware of their surroundings as they try to end up on the winning team. But…a brewery tour is probably the furthest thing from that! Simply walk around the brewery and see exactly how some of the best alcoholic drinks are made.

  • Great For A Weekend Stag Party

Combining paintballing with a brewery tour is the perfect mix for a weekend-long stag party because the paintballing could be done on the first day when everyone is fresh and ready for some competition. Drinks will flow after that and some of the lads might not feel the best the next day. They’ll need a nice and chilled out plan that doesn’t require anything too physical. That’s where the brewery tour comes in!

Having paintballing and a brewery tour as your two stag party activities is just one of the many variations that go well together and it’s definitely suitable for a weekend, especially on the second day when everyone will be feeling a little shaky from the night before…



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