Two Activities That Go Well Together Part 2

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Are you looking for the perfect mix of activities that go well together for a stag party but you’re not sure which two will do the trick? Well carry on reading because we’ve got two activities that are perfect for a stag party with a group of lads that are looking for some action!


Carrying on from last week’s piece on two activities that go well together which can be read here, we’ve got another installment in the Two Activities That Go Well Together series. There are so many different combinations of fantastic activities! All of them are perfectly suited to any stag party group. 


Lads, if you’re planning on a weekend away with some fantastic scenery and a lot of action, then read on because we’re pitting glamping and paintballing together and talking about why they work well together.


So here it is…our second part of Two Activities That Go Well Together!



Paintballing is the competitive game where the group is split into two teams with one defending their base and the other team attacks that base in a Capture the Flag sort of way. It’s great fun and is a perfect bonding session for a group of lads that are just looking to have some fun while feeling like they’re playing a real life game of Call of Duty.



  • Glamping

Glamping is an amazing way to hit the hay, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type! Forget the usual idea of camping – the one where you have to haul a massive rucksack filled with a tent, warm clothing, cooking items, cutlery, etc – because glamping provides all of this for you. Stay in a stylish hut or cabin and let out some of your wild side. Your group will love the freedom of glamping!


Why These Two Activities Go Well Together:

  • Paintballing is an intense stag party activity. It can leave the group feeling shattered, especially after the night of drinking that will follow afterwards. The lads will need a comfortable bed to sleep in when all the antics are over. Glamping is the perfect way to achieve that!
  • Paintballing usually takes place in a wide open area with plenty of trees and mucky terrain, essentially a forest area. Glamping is also normally in a wide open grassy area, usually a bit outside any city or town areas. Combining the two is the perfect mix for a stag party looking to take in some of the outdoors.
  • Paintballing is great fun for all the lads and glamping can be the perfect way to chill out afterwards. You can all sit around a fire, having a few drinks with lots of banter!


If you’re the type of group that loves the outdoors then these two activities are perfect for your stag party! Check out our Stag Party Packages now and let’s book both of these activities for your stag party!



So lads, don’t forget to check out our website and also follow us on Facebook if you’re looking for more information for your Stag Party. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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