Two Activities That Go Well Together Part 3

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Previously in this series we’ve seen how Paintballing and Glamping went well together as two stag party activities, and we also covered Paintballing and a Brewery Tour. They both worked well together because Paintballing added a nice level of active fun for the lads and the glamping and brewery tour allowed for a nice and relaxing time afterwards. But this time around we’re mixing it up and looking at two activities that will both bring a lot of fun and laughter to the stag party. This is the third part of the Two Stag Party Activities That Go Well Together series.


The two activities we’re working with this time around are Bubble Soccer and a trip to a Comedy Club. Both of these activities provide lots of laughs so if you’re looking for a mix of activities that will leave your faces hurting from laughing then these two will do just that!



So let’s see these two activities that go well together!



1. Bubble Soccer


Bubble Soccer is a different take on the game of soccer! The stag party group will be split into two teams and each player must wear a big bubble that covers their whole upper body, using only their legs to kick the ball around and score goals for their team. But get ready for lots of tumbles. If you hit off another player you’ll both bounce off each other and more than likely fall over. This alone will lead to plenty of laughs as the falls will be comical! Just be careful not to get stuck upside down like a turtle on its back.



2. Comedy Club


When the Bubble Soccer is over you can keep the laughs coming by heading to a comedy club. Taking a trip to a comedy club is a fantastic idea! Not only do you get to see a comedy show but it’ll be like any other night out in a bar with the lads. The only difference is that instead of live music, you’ll be hearing some people telling some hilarious jokes!



Why They Go Well Together:

  • Both activities will leave you all in tears from laughing. Bubble Soccer is hilarious because there will be people falling over the whole time you’re playing. A Comedy Club is hilarious because…well, it wouldn’t be a comedy club if it wasn’t.
  • Both activities are great for any stag party group looking for a lot of fun! Drinks, funny competition, jokes and laughter, and great fun all around!



Does Bubble Soccer and a trip to the Comedy Club sounds like your group’s cup of tea? If so, head on over to our Stag Party Packages now. There, you’ll find a location that has both activities available. Once you found your place then we can get your stag party booked!


If you need any assistance in finding a location that suits you then don’t hesitate to contact us now!




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