Two Activities That Go Well Together – Part 4

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So previously on the Two Activities That Go Well Together we had matches such as Paintballing with a Brewery Tour and Bubble Soccer with a trip to a Comedy Club. Both worked really well for their own reasons, but it’s time for a new mix again. That’s where this one comes in. Get ready for a fun mix of Two Activities – Bubble Soccer and Booze Cruise. 


We’re back with a new addition to the Two Activities That Go Well Together series and this time we’ve got a really fun combination for you. Are you looking for something will not only get everyone laughing, but also provide a chilled out time? Well this is the perfect mix of activities for you. Here are the two activities and why they go well together.


1. Bubble Soccer

So if you don’t know what Bubble Soccer is…well, you’re in for a treat! Think normal team vs team soccer. You’re out to score goals for your team and when the time is up be the winners. But Bubble Soccer comes with a twist. Each of you will have you whole upper body inside a giant bubble, with only your legs free for you to be able to run around and kick the ball. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. One bump from another player and you’ll fall over and literally bounce off the ground. It’s a hilarious activity and it’s one that will have the whole group laughing from start to finish. Oh and don’t forget…at some stage you’ll need to try to stop laughing and actually score goals. There has to be some level of competition, right?


2. Booze Cruise

Booze Cruises are amazing because they’re a great way to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. Enjoy some great tunes and delicious drinks as you set sail along a river or coastal area and enjoy some of the freshest air you’ll ever find. You and the lads can fully relax and enjoy the company of only the lads on the stag. So avoid the business of pubs and clubs, and get yourselves on a Booze Cruise to enjoy some peaceful drinks and a few sing songs.


Why These Two Activities Go Well Together:

  • Bubble Soccer will bring a lot of fun and laughter to the stag party but it’ll be a bit more physically draining than your usual game of soccer. Simply because you’ll be spending a lot of your energy getting back up off the ground after falling…which will happen over and over again. That’s where the Booze Cruise comes in. Relax after the draining activity and enjoy some quiet drinks with the lads out at sea or sailing along a river. Perfect!


So there you have it lads! We think Bubble Soccer and a Booze Cruise work really well together because they go hand in hand. They can even be done in the same day. Take part in Bubble Soccer around midday and the Booze Cruise could take place in the early evening. The choice is yours.


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