Unique Stag Party Activities

Unique Stag Party Activities

Unique Stag Party Activities

Stag Party weekends are always brilliant craic! Meeting up with all the lads for a mad weekend on the beer, indulging seeing a mate squirm on his stag and of course enjoy a wild stag party activity. Don’t get us wrong, we love the stag party favourites of Paintball, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Karting. But, if you’re looking for something different then check out these Unique Stag Party Activities!


You’ll find it very hard to find a guy who wouldn’t want to take a Hovercraft for a high speed spin on a Stag. On this brilliant stag party activity you’ll spend an afternoon racing around a specifically design track. You’ll race on time trial basis against your mates over land and water. Hovercrafting is such an exhilarating experience and is one hell of a unique stag party activity!

Inflatable Water Park

Indulge the big kid inside of you and spend a day messing about on an Inflatable Water Park. We can’t speak highly enough of this activity lads. There are trampolines, cliffs, slides and even a blob to launch the stag high into the air and into the water. It’s brilliant fun from start to finish and certainly makes a unique stag party weekend. Also, it’s a fantastic way to clear the head from the first night on the stag!

Poitín Tasting

There’s no getting away from it gents. Stag parties love a drink or two. So, start as you mean to go with a Poitín Tasting as you stag activity. This is a fantastic activity for all those who love discovering new drinks, spirits and whiskey’s. It’s a great way to toast the stag and put some hair on his chest too. This Poitín is strong lads!

Reverse Jeep Driving

If you’ve enjoyed Karting before on a Stag Party weekend. Then you’ll love Reverse Jeep Driving for the sheer mayhem that happens on this activity. In a nutshell, when you turn left the jeep goes right and vice versa. When you’re racing around a track at high speeds and forget this vital bit of information. That’s when the craic starts. It’s pure hilarity watching someone try and navigate the course.

Assault Course

Not for the faint hearted but an Assualt Course is fantastic fun on a stag party weekend. You’ll get to take on mud tunnels, high ropes, high walls, trenches and a whole host of other weird obstacles. The idea to see who can complete this army style course in the quickest time. Let’s be honest lads, who doesn’t love a little bit of friendly competition on the stag party weekend!

So take you’re Stag Party weekend to a completely new level lads with these Unique Stag Party Activities! The hardest part of it all is deciding which activity to do.

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