Water Activities: Our Top Picks

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Planning an activity for your Stag Party is something that we highly recommend at There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to activities. From water activities to sporty activities to team activities, the list is pretty long! For this piece we’re going to focus on water activities. If you fancy getting a bit wet on your Stag then you’ll find plenty of options on how to do that. Many of the locations you can choose for your Stag Party are based either on or near a river or the sea so it makes water activities very easy to find.


Activities are a great way to get the group bonding together which can be really helpful if some of the lads in the group have never met before. Having an activity is also a great way to break up the day. Instead of a massive all-day drinking session which used to be the norm for a Stag Party, include an activity midway through the Stag, have some great fun and laughs and the drinking session can still begin afterwards.


So lads, let’s get straight into it. These are our top picks for water activities for a Stag Party. 




Fancy riding a few waves off the coast of Ireland? Well you can! Surfing is a fantastic activity that not only gives you a challenge but also gives you a lot of fun. If you’ve never surfed before, that’s okay. No experience is needed and you’ll be told exactly what to do by a trained instructor. So get out on those gnarly waves, maaan! Right on!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If surfing sounds a bit too wild for you then Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP might be the better option for you. Instead of riding waves you’ll be riding the surfboard by standing on it armed with a paddle. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. It’s all about balance and core strength. You’ll have great fun watching your mates fall off their boards and take a dunk into the water. It’s great fun all around!


Kayaking is a great way to spend time with the lads. With different levels of kayaking being available, from calm rivers to wild, you can choose whether you want to test yourselves or take it easy. The wild rivers will add a lot more adrenaline in the situation and will require quick thinking and reactions. The calm rivers will allow you to take it easy and enjoy the scenery around. The choice is yours.

Booze Cruise

Lads if you’re looking for a relaxed water activity then a Booze Cruise is the choice for you. Set sail along a river or the coast on a boat that’s equipped with your favourite music and favourite drinks. All you have to do is bring the banter! Take in some of the fantastic scenery that Ireland’s most popular Stag Party towns and cities have to offer. So have a mini party on the boat and once you get back on land the real party can begin.



So lads, how do these water activities sound to you? Email us on if you want to include one of these activities on your Stag and we’ll help you get it sorted.


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