Stag Party Dares

Stag Party Dares

Stag Party Dares

So we came up with a few dares for the best man to ‘ask’ the Stag to perform on the night. Here are some of our favourite Stag Party Dares.






1.The Stag is to chat up a girl and get her to buy him a drink

2.Superman – the Stag is to wear his boxers over his pants for the evening

3.The Stag is to hug as many blondes in one minute as he can

4.Get the Stag to wangle a free drink from the bar (water doesn’t count)

5.The Stag has to drink a pint from someone else’s shoe

6.Ask the Stag to perform his signature dance move when you shout a keyword. Select appropriately embarrassing locations.

7.Ask the stag to find a girl in the bar who will swap tops with him. (Henparties are a good place to start)

8.Ask the Stag to lick the armpits of one of the groomsmen

9.Make a hat out of loo paper and insist the Stag wears it.

10.As a group, select something in the bar that the Stag has to lick.

11.The Stag is to lick a girls armpit

12.Ask the Stag to carry an inflatable sheep around with him. If he puts it down he has a drink.


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