Stag Party Drinking Games

Stag Party Drinking Games

Stag Party Drinking Games

We pride ourselves on delivering the best stag parties to all our stags. We take the hassle out of all that organising for you so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the stag party activities, accommodation, shots and the night life of your chosen stag party destination.

But we aren’t just going to send you on the stag party weekend without a couple of stag party drinking games. So we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite drinking games for you to enjoy on your stag weekend.


How Big is Your Ego

  • This is a really simple stag party game. All you’ll need is a coin, an empty pitcher and beer ego confidence.
  • When it’s your turn, pour some of your drink into the pitcher.
  • Depending on how big or small your ego is will probably dictate how much you pour in.
  • Then call heads or tails and flip the coin.
  • If you guess right, the pitcher moves on to the next man.
  • Guess wrong and you have to down the enter concoction of whatever was poured into the pitcher.

A great stag party drinking game, that might get a little messy.


We’ve all played this drinking game. The reason we’ve all played it is because it’s so simple and after a few beers the less rules involved in a drinking game the better. The classic version of the game is to drink each time you hear ‘Roxanne’.

However you can take it up and notch and split the stag party into 2 teams.

  • The first drink when they hear ‘Roxanne’ and spin around when they hear ‘put on the red light’.
  • The second team does the opposite.
  • Spin when they hear ‘Roxanne’ and drink when they hear ‘put on the red light’.

It’s impressive you actually make it through the entire song.

The Inflatable Willie Duel

Let’s be honest, a stag party weekend is the only time you’re really going to play this game.

  • You will need 2 inflatable willies for this game.
  • Simply strap them on to the front of your jeans.
  • Then time to duel and battle it out until someones inflatable willie falls off.
  • The loser then must down a horrible shot.


A drinking game passed on to me by mates from across the pond. No items required for this but a good memory will come in handy.

  • So when someone hands you a drink you must declare yourself ‘not out’.
  • Failing to do this the stag party can scream Howzat and you must down what ever drink you have just been handed.

You can be a real devious fecker and include all liquids like vinegar, tobasco, tomato ketchup etc.

Assume The Position

This stag party drinking game is great craic lads and all you need is a bag of toy soldiers. You know the ones, the green lads you had when you were a kid.

  • Each person on the stag is given a toy soldier.
  • When someone shouts ‘assume the position’ everyone must adopt the position of your toy soldier.
  • The last person to do so must down his drink or have a shot.

Make sure to mix up the toys. This way everyone gets a chance to be the sniper guy and they don’t get used to the same position.

So will be playing any of these great stag party drinking games on your stag party weekend?



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