Stag Party Games Ideas

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Stag Parties are all about having the craic and giving the Groom one last big night out with the lads. From choosing the big things like the right location and activity to smaller things like games, where to eat and drink, etc. it can all get a little bit stressful. That’s where we come in! knows all there is to know about Stag Parties so why not let us help you plan it all? Today we’re here to tell you some of our favourite ideas when it comes to Stag Party Games. They can be great fun and a different game could be chosen for each pub you go to. So here they are lads. These are our Stag Party Games Ideas.



Mr. President

So this one is pretty simple. We’ve all seen the movies where the president is being escorted by his agents and suddenly one of them talks into his wrist and they’re all on top of the president to keep him safe. That’s the idea here. The president in this case is the Groom. Designate one of the lads to be the “Wrist Whisperer” and when you all see him talk into his wrist you must all run towards the Groom and form a tight circle around him. It adds even more laughs if he’s completely oblivious as to what’s happening so keep him in the dark on this one lads.


Mr. Boring

Get ready to feel really awkward. The aim of this game is to get one of the lads to approach a group of ladies and try to chat them up for at least 5 minutes. But the catch is that he needs to pretend to be as boring as possible. But don’t be rude lads, it takes the fun out of the game if the ladies get offended. If he succeeds and lasts the full 5 minutes he gets a pint. If he loses then he must buy the Groom a pint. It’s a great game, all in the name of fun of course.



Channel your inner Drax with this one lads. It’s a really simple idea, but if someone in the group stops doing what he was doing and suddenly stands very still then everyone else must stay perfectly still as well until he carries on moving. The last guy to stop moving has to buy the first guy a pint. So make sure to keep on the lookout lads! The people in the pub you’re in will think you’ve all gone mad.


There are so many great games you could choose for your Stag Party. But these are some of our favourites that we think will add a lot of fun. Not only will they be fun for your group but the people around will also find it funny and might even join in. Either that or they’ll think you’re all gone mad.



So lads, if you’re looking for more tips and ideas for your Stag Party then check out our website and follow us on Facebook. Whether it’s activities, locations, ideas or tips, we’ve got it all!

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