Stag Party Guide – What to Bring

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Stag Party Guide – What to Bring

 At some point in our lives we’re all going to be asked to be part of a stag party for either our mates or a family member. But for some people, the upcoming stag party might be the first one they’ve ever gone to so they’re not quite sure what to pack in their bags for the trip. If you’re one of those lads then read carefully, because this list is for you. Here’s our guide on what to bring with you on a stag party!


  • Money…duh!

 The trip away can be expensive so it’s best to be prepared for whatever costs might’ve been overlooked in the planning of the stag party. Tip: bring cash as well as your bank card just in case you lose one or the other.

  • I.D.

 Be prepared for any random I.D. checks. If you’ve gotten any “baby face” comments in the past then this is a must. You don’t want to be the only guy who’s refused entry because of no I.D.

  • Travel Insurance Details

 This is only necessary if you’re travelling abroad, but it’s one of the most important pieces of information to bring if you are going abroad. Keep a paper copy as well as a digital copy on your phone just in case.

  • Painkillers

 This is one that everyone forgets about, but it’s the one most lads end up needing the day after. Don’t let that sore head linger too long and always pack some paracetamol so you can enjoy the day after without any headache.

  • Spare Clothing & Shoes

 Stag Parties can get pretty messy, so it’s always a good idea to bring more clothes than you think you need. Same with footwear. Lads have come home with stories of lost shoes after a night out so don’t let that be you. Girls have the right idea in this case…better to be safe than sorry. 

  • Phone & Accessories

 Accessories such as your charger and a power bank can come in very useful. Don’t let yourself get separated from the group with a dead phone. Plan ahead! Charge cables and power banks can be bought pretty cheap if you want to bring spares.

  • The Hygienic Supplies

 Do not forget the little things like deodorant, aftershave, shampoo, shower gel and hair gel. They’re almost always overlooked until the last minute and can often be left behind because of that.

  • Water

 After a night of drinking, some cold water can be a lifesaver. You don’t need to necessarily pack this with you, you can buy it when you get to your destination to avoid any dead weight in your bag. But it’s definitely a necessity.


At its core, a stag party is pretty much just like any other trip away. You need all of the basics with maybe some extra clothes added just in case. If you are attending your first stag party then we hope you enjoy it and we’re positive you’ll have some great craic! We hope this list helps you to be a bit prepared for the madness that will no doubt ensue.




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