The Stag Party Oath

The Stag Party Oath

The Stag Party Oath

You’re probably wondering what the hell the Stag Party Oath actually is. Well I’m here to explain it lads before you venture off on an absolute mental weekend of activities, beer and craic. This is a non verbal undertaking to abide by certain rules over the course of the Stag Party. This goes for everyone. I’ll be honest, it’s a mixed bag of serious, funny and just plain messing rules. The main thing is that these will make for an unforgettable weekend.

I hereby, solemnly swear to abide The Stag Party Oath and it’s rules below:


I Will Man The F*ck Up!

This means should you accept any punishment or forfeit for drinking games or breaking one of the rules of the stag party oath.


I Will Not Call The Missus! 

That means radio silence lads. You don’t need to phone home. You’re not ET or something. A simple text to say the battery is about to die or text to say you’re leaving the phone in the hotel for the night is grand. But should you dial in a few digits and call home there will be a forfeit to do. A dirty pint we believe to be a suitable punishment!


I Will Not Leave A Man Behind!

You’re all in the Stag Party together. A Band of Brothers as such and if a guy passes out during the night it’s your duty to drag his drunk arse around with you for the night. Unless he’s never going to get a second wind and just drop him back to the accommodation.


I Will Turn The Other Cheek!

Nothing ruins a good night more than someone having a scrap. Especially on a stag party weekend. So chill out and just enjoy a couple of beers, a laugh and a bit of messing. Sure you have the groom to mock unmercifully and dress up in whatever you see fit.


I Will Not Ruin My Mate’s Life By Posting On Social Media!

Social Media is great lads don’t get me wrong. But there should be no photo evidence of the stag weekend. Well nothing that could end up landing one of the lads up to his neck in shit. Should someone break this rule in the oath, feel free to punish with a public prank. Maybe make him dance or busk for the price of his next drink.


I Will Bring The Stag Home In Reasonable Condition!

You have free reign really do what you like with the groom over the stag weekend. Go nuts is my advice. Just bring him back with all his limbs attached and maybe his eyebrows intact and you’re golden. I doubt his other half would see the funny side of having the groom with no eyebrows on the big day!


I Will Not Be A Lone Ranger!

You’re all musketeers on the stag weekend. That means all for one and one for all as you head from pub to pub to floor to club. So no wandering off on your own. You’re in it together.


I Will Listen To The Best Man!

The Best Man calls the shots really on the stag weekend. He organises all the lads getting to the stag party activity, drinking games and the forfeits of course. So if he says you’re all having shots. You’re having a shot!


I Will Abide By The Golden Rule!

Finally lads, what happens on the Stag Party Weekend, stays on the Stag Party Weekend!

So before you go your next stag party weekend, remember the Stag Party Oath!



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