Dress The Stag Prank

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The ‘Dress The Stag’ Prank


Have you been looking for a prank that will bring lots of laughs as well as putting the stag in a bit of an embarrassing situation? Well then we’ve got the perfect prank for you! Why not dress the stag up in something that will not only embarrass him, but have all eyes on him as the stag party walks into each pub or club. Let everyone know that he’s the stag by making him stand out alone as the only guy dressed up (preferably in something that’ll make him feel extra awkward for the night).


The following is a list of some of our favourite ideas for costumes that you can keep secret until the last second. He’ll have no other choice but to wear it. So here it is…The ‘Dress The Stag Up’ Prank!



Every lad wanted to be a superhero when they were growing up, and now, with all of the superhero movies becoming more and more mainstream it’s time for that little kid to shine through again and be allowed to live out the dream he’s always had. Dress the stag up in a Batman costume and you could have a little mini game for him to get a free pint every time he swings his cape around and says, “I’M BATMAN!”



This one will get everyone chuckling with how fabulous the stag will look for his stag party. Dress him up in a white dress and veil and buy a mini bouquet that he can swing around as he skips down each street feeling like a pretty princess… That would be the case in an ideal world. Realistically he’ll probably want to hide away in a corner and not be seen by anyone for the night. Classic!


…but wait! There’s more!


Adult Baby

This one hits two birds with one stone because not only is it an embarrassing outfit (or lack of) for the stag, but everyone on the stag party can dress up as normal and pretend to be the stag baby’s carers for the night. All he needs is an adult nappy and away you go. Probably not recommended for the colder months. The poor lad will be frozen!



Purchase the finest orange jumpsuit for this one and the stag will look like he just broke out of the pen! This could also double up as another prank if you buy somewhat authentic handcuffs and cuff him to something while you dangle the keys in front of him. Cruel…but worth it for the laughs!



This one doubles up as a game because what normally comes with a President? Yep, his security. Keep the stag in the dark and have someone bring their wrist up to their mouth and shout “protect the president!” That’s when you all jump on the stag to save him from the invisible attackers.



Dressing the stag up is great for so many reasons and it can even double up as either another prank or a game so you’re getting two for one depending on the costume. It’s a great idea and it’s a way to make the stag stand out so that everyone around will know that the stag party is for him.


So why not dress your stag up? Go on, we dare you!



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